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Hardness of Clay Quiz Scoring: Add up all your responses

(negative numbers are subtracted from positive numbers, so that a -5 and a +5 have a total score of "0")

Having a high positive number (+40 to +50) indicates that you are more likely to be a “hard clay” personality – great leadership qualities, but sometimes may not realize you’ve offended someone.



Having a high negative number (-40 to -50) indicates that you are more likely to be a “soft clay” personality – great at helping others and keeping the peace, but sometimes others miss out on knowing your voice.



Having a number that is somewhere around 0 indicates that you have a balance between assertiveness and accommodations of others.



HARDNESS OF CLAY CHALLENGE:  For one day do the OPPOSITE of what you’d typically do.   See what happens:

  • How do you feel?

  • How do others respond?

NOTE: This quiz is just a sampling of all possible interactions with others.  It is intended to illustrate the different ways you can interact with another person.  Think about all the different ways in which you interact with others.  In which situations do you assert yourself?  In which situations do you yield to others?  Asserting is acting like "hard clay" and yielding is acting like "soft clay."

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